Friday, 2 November 2007

E-Gold Warning

If you’ve followed this blog for the last year and a half, you’d know we’ve always been supportive of the E-Gold payment system, but after recent dealings with and GS&R (their parent company), our opinion of this money transmitter has become jaded. Since the US ’s indictment of E-Gold on money laundering charges, it’s become a reality that these charges are not unfounded and that the creators of E-Gold, Dr. and are shady individuals and quite possible personally involved in the alleged fraud regarding E-Gold’s operations.

The reason I’m writing this article is a recent block put on Code4Gold’s advertising account for no apparent reason. The E-Gold account in question has never accepted any funds except for payments for advertising. If you knew about our forums and the fact we were the first PTP (Paid to Post) or profit sharing forum, we consequently paid the majority of our advertising earnings back to forum members who were earning .02 for each post they made. Members were never required or asked to upgrade or make a payment to activate their PTP accounts, the PTP system was completely free to join and all that was required to be paid was to make at least 150 quality posts on our forum. Given that information it would seem assinine that E-gold has placed a block on an account with no suspicious activities.

To begin with, I placed a telephone call to E-Gold’s support regarding the blocked account and I had the displeasure of dealing with a very, very nasty person who refused to listen and continued to talk over me stating that I would have to email E-gold support regarding the issue and that they would send me details on recovering my account. I was told I would have to furnish an electric bill or some other proof that I am the account holder. I responded to this crude person stating that E-Gold/Omnipay already had my correct personal information. Omnipay required a user to confirm their “snail mail” address to make out-exchanges. Additionally, my bank account was on file with due to the fact I’d out-exchanged to bank wire two times before they were shut down by the DOJ. I asked this rude support person, “What difference does an electric bill matter if you already have my phone number, snail mail address and bank account?” but the response I got was this shrew hung up on me. So I sent the support email to E-Gold on Thursday and as of today, Tuesday, I have yet to hear back from these criminals.

E-Gold is located in Melbourne, Florida and despite their continual lies that they are Nevis based, that in itself is a bold faced lie. While I was speaking to the shrew at E-Gold support, I stated that she could easily look up my name in the property appraisers office and see that I’m the owner of the home listed as the snail mail contact in my E-Gold account. Anybody living or working in Melbourne, Florida would be quite aware that Volusia county is the next county up the coast from Melbourne and I would think that a person’s homeownership being listed in a government database might be sufficient proof while a copy of an electric bill could easily be forged by somebody with access to a scanner, Photoshop and a printer. I own twho homes, on in Florida and one in Delaware, all my bills are paid by automatic withdrawl, I have no paper bills. No, the folks at E-gold are definitely a step behind and after my dealings with them I have to agree that they are operating a shady operation and they are worthy of the charges levied against them.

While there was only $100 left in my E-Gold account and I’m also well aware of the simplicity of sending and receiving money from a blocked account (go read Talkgold forums, there are plenty of scammers doing it all the time over there), I refuse to use improper channels to recover my purlioned funds. Instead, I’ve already begun a letter writing campaign to my state representatives regarding E-Gold’s borderline criminal activities. If it is necessary, I will also turn over to the Department of Justice my complete database of over 1700 scam hyip and autosurf program that have used E-Gold since 2005 and scammed millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims while e-Gold turned a blind eye.

I urge anybody reading this article to liquidate your E-Gold accounts as soon as possible because there has baan a rash of people contacting me through Code4Gold forums regarding E-Gold blocking their accounts and allegedly confiscating their funds. Which brings up another good point that a friend mentioned to me. What exactly becomes of funds in blocked accounts that are never recovered? It would seem this is a quick and easy way for E-Gold to pinch money from ponzi autosurf and hyip victims and pocket the money for themselves. I wonder how much money these con artists have pocketed over the last year from scammers accounts who could not or would not provide the necessary information to unblock their accounts.

As for Dr. Douglas Jackson, all the blogging and whining he’s doing right now isn’t going to change the fact that E-Gold is goint to be shut down and it’s principals headed on the way to jail for a long time. The E-gold system is/was a very unique and very innovative system which is why so many of us free minded people embraced and heralded it and granted, E-Gold as a wonderful concept, however, Dr. Jackson, you blew it. Your greed and ignorance allowed you to be a tool for scammers and you collected the profits from those people while turning a blind eye to the law. Let me reimind you Mr. Jackson of something every 9th grade business Law student learns the first day in class, “Ignorance of the law is no defense”.

To Dr. Douglas Jackson, I’ve trackbacked this blog post to your blog, let’s see if you’re half a man and allow the trackback, otherwise the allegations I’m lobbing against you are certainly true. Let’s also see if Dr. Jackson is man enough to respond to this post in person.

The comminity at large needs to be warned of the shady dealings at E-Gold against account holders who have actually been doing legitimate business through this and .

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