Friday, 2 November 2007

Subject: Thousands of Americans have already found an online gambling solution

Just as I receive another eye catching online gambling e-mail solicitation entitled, “Subject: Thousands of Americans have already found an online gambling solution” my eyes move down the newsreader to find another story like this one, “Online Gambling - Processors Stung by DOJ“.

It seems the US government is seizing more money from Citadel and Firepay, both online gaming processors.

Despite big brother’s activity, Mark Crawford, the Chief Editor for Gambling Rights America is still happy to email me about twice a week extolling the fun benefits of online gambling for US players. Usually included in his email is some happy text about how, “the online gambling ban may affect you”. Despite the fact I’m not a US player, I still enjoy receiving his email and it makes for interesting discussion.

I also get frequent and ‘exciting’ news from someone named “Kat” involved with gaming promotions. Her mail arrives with [spam] in the title, but it is also fun reading. Today’s email invites American online players to a casual day of slots with a $500 bonus.

Subject: [SPAM] American Players Welcome - Free $500 Welcome Gift - Start playing at SlotsPlus Casino NOW!

Despite Rep. Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) introducing legislation to ‘re-legalize’ online poker and gambling in a more regulated environment, I’d say the condition of US online gaming today is quite a mess and just getting worse.

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