Friday, 2 November 2007

Fraud Alert - The CyberSpaceATM (Illegal and Unlicensed Money Transmitter)

Be warned about using the unlicensed money transmitter CSATM ( and any ponzi sites accepting this processor. The first reason, there is absolutely *NO* contact detail given anywhere on the website or in the whois information. No address, no phone number, no nothing but an email address (which is worth squat when the site goes down and the operator is laughing at all the fools who trusted him with their money). Use your God given brain and realize E-Gold, Paypal, Webmoney, Alertpay, Pecunix, E-Bullion, etc (even the lowlifes at CEPTrust) all have their real contact address and phone numbers on the site as well as in their whois information.

Second, CSATM is owned and operated by Andy, the scammer behind XLO autosurf ( and The Finer Things ( who cheated members out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and then sold XLO for $25,000 to master scammer Bob Krimm who shelved the program. Andy’s sole purpose in opening CSATM is to facilitate a “skim mechanism” similar to CEPTrust that is used to process funds for the ponzi schemes that he is currently operating. It seems Andy learned from the clever little Baptist boys at CEP and from Bob Krimm’s Tri-StarMoneyChangers, that a small percentage could be skimmed and pocketed from each and every transaction conducted into his pyramid schemes.

Mark Herpel at Digital Money World blog recently conducted a very well written and interesting two part interview with the *Andy* (who did not give a name and did the interview anonymously) here. In the interview Mark directly asks, “Do you allow your users to work with HYIPS and AutoSurf/Investment programs? Or do you really know what the users are doing with their accounts?” to which the *Andy* openly replies “CSATM works with HYIPS and autosurfs”. Of course it does, there is no other legitimate businesses that would use a money transmitter that does not provide contact details or a support phone number. Again, the similarity to CEPTrust and Tri-StarMoneyChangers is that there are *no* legitimate businesses using any of these ponzi skim processors.

Also be warned that the blogger TDinoz who runs the blog has been promoting Andy’s newest scams ( and as well as CSATM. She was a moderator on the XLO/TFT forums last year and is as much of a “snake in the grass” as Jake Amedee from ASA (Autosurf Authority) who is also currently promoting Andy’s newest scams. Both are not to be trusted as they will promote anything that they are in at the top of the pyramid and push it until it collapses with them well into profit from the ponzi victims. If you want to know what programs, processors and sites to *AVOID*, check ASA or TDinoz blog and run as far and fast as you can from anything they are promoting.

Sorry TDinoz, I used to like you, but the fact you are knowingly promoting a repeat scammer while you were dishing out the lumps to Bob Krimm makes you no better than your fellow Aussie dirtbag Okosh (aka Jacomatt8 and FTW on MMG forums) who was slamming Bob Krimm while promoting the scammers Jason and Stacy from EZSurfnEarn. I find little or no integrity in somebody who slams one scammer while pimping another.

Anyway, you have been warned.

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