Friday, 2 November 2007

New Bakler Auction System: Expired Domain Names Make Money

The Bakler ( is a new system that provides the complete services of on-line auction for domain names.

(PRWEB) October 18, 2007 -- Every true webmaster has dozens of domains, which are no longer in use and will vanish in vain as soon as the expiration date comes. Many domains owners hardly notice that they have missed something, but the real thing they missed is the money they lost with the expired domain name. But the very few of domains owners are aware that there is an easy way of making profit from unnecessary domain names. The most popular and approved by countless generation way of getting rid of old discarder stuff is of course the auction.

The system of how the auction process is organized is widely well known. Basically, it is the process of buying and selling stuff by offering it up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the winning bidder. The Bakler ( is a new system that provides the complete services of on-line auction for domain names. How does it work? It is more than simple now. One can just put ones’ expired domains or domains which are no longer in use out for the auction. A person, who is interested in this domain name or PageRank, age etc offers his bid, the other participant of the auction offers more and so it goes on. As a result, one can sell domain ten times more expensive than if it would has been sold directly to the buyer on any forum. The evaluation of the domain name cost happens automatically according to the special formula. All the parameters such as page name, rank, alexa rank, age etc are taken into account.

Selling domain directly is a bigger risk of losing it without receiving any money at all. As for the Bakler, the main priority is the deals’ security for both sides. The Bakler ( can guarantee that all the deals performed through the system are secure both for the sellers and buyers. As soon as the first has had received money, at once the domain would be moved to the second and placed on the EstDomains, Inc ( services. Please note, that Bakler does not take any commission fee for the transmission. Both sellers and buyers could pay for the desired domain name or receive the payment using the following payment systems: PayPal, E-gold, MoneyBookers, Webmoney and Fethard.

There are numerous domains, brought out Baklers auctions, so it is easier and more comfortable for buyers to find the one that would perfectly fulfill the requirements. Instead of spending a lot of hours surfing the Internet for interesting offers, one can find and buy the desirable domain in two clicks! The primary backorder service for soon expiring domain names is also available. And yet, there is no need to worry about its transfer to ones’ account or any others technical-related issues, EstDomains, Inc staff takes care for all of it.

For solving the matters considering the Bakler (, the trouble ticket system is available at:

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